There’s one thing you should always expect when you work with us; that is 100 per cent satisfaction. This is the one thing we do not fail to always achieve with our boat repair and maintenance services. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, we’re professionals—one of the best you’d find in Australia.

We offer a range of services, in boat repairs, maintenance and servicing, to our clients at pretty affordable prices. Our aim is to help you save money with our low-cost repair and maintenance services. The team of contractors, engineers, mechanics and electricians we have are available 24/7—every weekday and on Saturdays to deliver remarkable works on your commercial and recreational boats and vessels.

We have an adequately equipped workshop too that will appropriately cater for all the servicing and repairs your boat might need. You can trust us to satisfy your conversions, repairs and replacement needs using the right materials and repair methods just to ensure your boats are ready in time to optimally perform again.

Below is a list of some of our comprehensive services that you’d need:

Service & Maintenance

We’d hate for you not to be able to go on that fun-filled boat cruise you’ve always wanted with your family or friends during the next boat season. This is why we offer one of the best service & maintenance services in Australia.

To keep your boat ready and running every time you need it on the oceans, you must always have periodic maintenance conducted on it.

Boats, like cars, also need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, if you want them to ‘stay in shape’ and retain their wonderful performance throughout their lifespan. It is also another necessary requirement you’d need to uphold to retain your factory warranty too.

At Marine Engineering Asia, we are always available for you. Our certified team of factory-trained mechanics, engineers and electricians are always at your service. Our workshop is also fully insured, licensed, equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies.

We’re available all year round for recommissioning, winterizing, outboard engine care, routine checks (annual and semi-annual), spring start-ups, engine maintenance, fittings lubrication, hull base re-painting, engine oil changes, engine flush, and all other maintenance services you might need.

It is true that there are some service & maintenance that you can do by yourselves.

However, a lot of the modern marine engines and electronics we have today are quite complex. They’d need to be properly serviced using the right methods and tools. Only a good marine technician, like those we have at Marine Engineering Asia, can do this job well, which is why our team would be a smart investment to make.


At Marine Engineering Asia, we maintain and also repair boats, as well as the engines used in running them on water.

If you have any malfunctioning system on your boat, you’d need to contact us immediately for help. We guarantee quality service and ensure your time on the water is free of problems or breakdowns.

To fix your boat problems we need to assess every component and system to know the level of damage that has been done to your boat. What we do is to first inspect all your boat systems visually, to see if anything is wrong. We’d also carry out strength measurement and stress analysis tests to confirm the damage on your boat systems.

At this point, we’d also work together with you to know your operating procedures and maintenance schedules. This reports will help us in the diagnosis of your boat’s exact problem. After diagnosing, we get the materials needed for the repairs ready. Sometimes, we’d want to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for us to be able to properly identify and also purchase the right quality material to be used.

Afterwards, we’d then go on to carry out our repair procedures, following general boat maintenance recommendations to make things right again for you and your boat.

Repair procedures usually differ for different boat types, depending on the capacity of the boat, the design, and inner & outer structure. Our repair procedures are usually designed in accordance with these factors to correct all boat problems.

Hull repair: We repair hull damages above and below water levels.

Core repair: A damaged core can be dangerous. We’d repair the core of your boat by opening the affected area, removing any water that might have been stored there, delaminating the core, and, finally, replacing it with another one that will re-establish the physical strength of your boat

Electrical maintenance and repairs: We’d check and fix all the faulty cables and wire fittings on your boat too. To ensure the optimal performance of your boat when on water, we’d also replace worn-out fuses, check your boat for insulation, bearing clearances, and so on.

Below are some of the other boat repair services we offer:

  • Electronic re-installations;
  • Inboard and outboard repairs;
  • Fibreglass repairs;
  • Aluminium repairs;
  • Refurnishing;
  • Carpentry & upholstery;
  • Teak deck repairs; etc.