Marine Engineering Asia is a company that specialises in boat designing and construction. We are also concerned with the performance systems of boats: which include the hull, safety, propulsion, navigation, and mechanical systems.

Whether it’s a cruising, diving, fishing, official or commercial boat, our team of highly skilled builders are ever ready to work, hand in hand, with you to set up the vessel of your choice, just exactly as you might have always imagined it. Our boats are conceptualised, properly drafted, and perfectly built, by our team of highly-efficient technical experts, to meet all survey specifications. Our workmanship is carried out with exceptional skills, and the use of high-quality materials, to produce the best commercial or recreational boats in Australia.

Rather importantly, our boats are built on the strong relationships we build with our customers. We aim, to a great extent, to always exceed your expectations. This is why we like to constantly communicate and listen to our clients; a somewhat positive act that has continuously ensured the huge success of all our projects.

As a result of our strong desire to manufacture quality boats, and also contribute to the satisfaction of our customers’ needs—whether in fishing, transportation, pleasure, and so on—we make use of quality materials, and advanced manufacturing technology and facilities. We also dedicate a great deal of time to make your dream a reality.

Building Process


Without creating designs of the kinds of boat you desire, it would be rather too difficult for us to make good and standard builds. Essentially, designing is the bedrock of all our building processes at Marine Engineering Asia.

Our marine architects will work together with you to create unique boat designs that will meet all your requirements and also the general standards of boat building. Marine Engineering Asia’s team of designers has worked on a wide range of projects and have been able to gather a wealth of experience in the creation of amazing boat designs that will be able to considerably satisfy—and even exceed—all your dreams and desires.

We combine all our knowledge and experience, which we have been able to collectively build over the years in boat designing, to successfully deliver wonderful projects to you, our esteemed clients.

Structural Work

After the creation of a perfect design for you comes the building of the boat. This is the stage the construction and fabrication of the hull and all the other structural parts of the vessel are carried out.

Our shipwrights will work in building the boat of your dreams by dutifully following the designs of our marine architects, as well as all the original requirements you have put down for the overall construction of your desired boat.

You have the option of also choosing the construction method and material (whether wood, metal, aluminium, fibreglass, or composite) we shall use to build your boat.


As a professional custom boat builder, we completely understand that the requirements set out, by our clients, for completing projects would entirely be different or unique to each customer, even though the building process we adopt in building your boats might be similar.

The time, method and material expended in the construction of a commercial boat would be quite different from that used in the construction of a recreational vessel. This is why we work with our customers to ensure the delivery of durable, elegant and customer-satisfactory products.

Our marine fit-out contractors will effectively ensure the layouts, fixtures, storage, fittings, colours, materials and finishing of our boats are made to meet your requirements, no matter the challenges we might face in the process.

Our fit-out process involves the installation of fuel tanks, outboard motors and controls; line and filters; electronics; navigators/surveillance techs,  radios; cleats, seats,  handrails and all a lot of other components that need out-fitting.

Electrical, Engineering, & Painting Works

After the fit-out, our engineers will commence work by prefabricating and fitting all the necessary mechanical components and systems needed to run the vessel.

Our electricians will then, go ahead after the engineers must have completed their works, to install cables and run wires to the mechanical components and systems and provide power for best performance and drive.

After the engineers and electricians come the painters who would work closely with other contractors on the job to apply a fine, smooth and perfect finishing to the product.

Test ride

After all the job has been done on your dream boat, we’d thereafter launch it and take it for a test ride, to make sure it qualifies for all the standard requirements and also meets your own laid out specifications.

We’d also carry out any extra work that needs to be done after the test ride to completely perfect all our work and meet each of your requirements.

Handing over & Pick up

After the test ride process, we would then hand over the boat to you for your cruise. The documents for boat, certificates and manuals, would also be prepared and handed over to you when you come for your pick up. If you’d also like us to deliver the boat to a specific destination for you, we would be all too willing to also carry out this duty, all at a pocket-friendly price.