Marine Engineering Asia!

Your endless search has just come to an end today!

Marine Engineering Asia is just the perfect company for the job. We create amazing designs, build our boats to world-class specifications, and also offer top-notch repair and maintenance services.

About Us

When it comes to custom boat building, Marine Engineering Asia is a leading company. We are fortunate enough to have built a strong team of trusted professionals (naval architects, engineers and designers) with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of both recreational and commercial boats.

At Marine Engineering Asia, we construct boats that have value—right from scratch and in different sizes—whether for commercial or recreational purposes. Marine Engineering Asia is a company primarily dedicated to the production of high-quality boats at pretty competitive prices.

When you think about durability, value and operational convenience, our products are second to none. Our boats are particularly designed for maximum comfort, optimal performance and overall stability.

Not only do we make boats, but we also offer servicing, repair, customisation and alteration services.

Our Boat Finance service has also been created to assist customers who would love to own their boats, but do not have enough money in the pocket to make a one-off purchase. We understand your needs and are only too ready to help you achieve them!

At Marine Engineering Asia, “quality” and “customer satisfaction” are almost like watchwords for us. This is why we continuously strive to deliver top-notch boat production/repair/customisation services that are confidently meant to invariably satisfy our customers’ needs and meet their optimistic expectations on our products.

Our Services

As one of the best boat builders in town, we recognize corporate successes are based, to a large extent, on the satisfaction of customers as well as the consistent delivery of standard services. This is why we continuously strive to deliver amazing, first-class services at interestingly affordable prices. Our wonderful company is composed of a team of highly experienced boat builders, engineers and designers, who are willing to serve you, and are always supervised, properly, by our dedicated managers.

The main services we offer include:

Customised Boat Building

Marine Engineering Asia builds boats, whether for personal or commercial use. We do not just “build” alone, in the ordinary sense of the word, we painstakingly construct all types of boat designs to meet both the demands of the waters, and that of our esteemed customers. We’re well-versed in the creation of traditional and modern boat designs. Our custom boats come in different sizes and are uniquely built to offer elegance and exceptional performance.

Boat Repairs

Marine Engineering Asia also specialises in the repair and maintenance services. We provide boat repairs, maintenance and shipwright services. We have a fully equipped workshop that caters for all the repair and maintenance types you may need. Even if you find it difficult to bring your boat to us, at an affordable price, we can come to yours to make the repairs.

Some of our repair services include: coating (painting, polishing & detailing); conversions & restorations; boat lifting and hard standing; composite repairs of different materials; antifoul removal and application; hydraulic controls; and all your other mechanical & electrical repairs and servicing needs.

Alterations & Customisations

Marine Engineering Asia also offers alterations and customisation services. Our team of designers and engineers are always dedicated to helping you build the boat that you might have always imagined yourself cruising in. We make comfortable customisations for commercial and recreational boats using any type of composite material. Our workshop is also set to make boat alterations, restorations, modifications, conversions and fabrications to suit every of your specification.

Boat Finance

Do you need a flexible finance option to fix all your boat buying and building needs? Then, Marine Engineering Asia’s Boat Finance would be the perfect choice to make. At Marine Engineering Asia, our forte is not limited to custom boat building, and boat repair & maintenance services, we also offer flexible boat finance policies that you’d need in acquiring your own boat, whether for commercial or recreational use.

Why Choose Us

At Marine Engineering Asia, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality boat building, repairs and maintenance services that do not fail to invariably satisfy all the requirements of our customers. We rely on constant innovation and utilize advanced technologies and equipment for designing and building our boats—specifically to meet the unique operational needs of all our customers.

In the design of our boats, we combine classic appearance with build quality, and modern performance. Our designers put elegance, style, and modern & improved performance standards into account when manufacturing out boats.

Our boats are built and well-tested against all challenges. They’re designed, at every turn, for great comfort, durability and optimal performance.